Calls for projects

Funding for R&D projects may come from a wide range of sources.

The Images & Réseaux Project team is at your disposal to guide you in your approach and your search for funding. They will help you find the type of funding that best suits your needs.

Public bodies who finance R&D projects work in two ways:

  • Either by calls for projects with a precise opening andclosing timetable,
  • Or by receiving and processing official requests for funding as and when they arrive.

All funding bodies use project certification by the cluster when examining applications. Certification is a vital factor in the funding request.

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All Calls for projects are listed in chronological order of their application dates.

ANR Calls for projects

All calls for projects issued by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (National Research Agency) target fundamental research, industrial research and experimental development.

Eligibility criteria:

Compulsory to apply

  • public-private partnership
  • convergence with Images & Réseaux's themes
  • involvement of at least one industrial company or laboratory within the cluster's region

There are an average of 50 calls for projects per year, on projects running from 12 to 36 months with average overall budgets per project between €0.5M and €2M

Maximum assistance: 45% of the total cost for SMEs, 25% for Ge and 100% cost of marginal costs for laboratories.

Images & Réseaux's input The Images & Réseaux label is an important element which is taken into account by the ANR's committees when selecting applications.

NB: The label no longer gives additional funding, as was the case in previous years.

NEWS 31st JULY 2013

On 26th July the ANR's Board of Management adopted the Agency's 2014 Action Plan. The 2014 Action Plan sets the context for the general call for projects which will operate according to a new, two-stage protocol. Within this context, the closing date for pre-proposals for the new 2014 Generic Call for projects is 23rd October 2013.

The 4 action plan components

The action plan features 4 components, in keeping with the Agenda France Europe 2020, which will be budgeted for specifically:

The objective here is to reduce the number of calls for projects and make the funding offer easier to understand. A range of instruments (collaborative project, partnership project, young researcher, research network, etc.) is available in each of these 4 components.

The research teams can choose the instrument which suits their objectives.

Joint funding by other financiers (DGA, DGOS, FRAE, MAAP, etc.) for current programmes will be integrated where possible in the different major challenges.

Selection: a new 2-stage protocol

Experimentation with two-stage selection is one of the proposals in the final report produced by the Assises de la recherche. This recommendation was taken up by the Minister in the context of the "France Europe 2020é strategic agenda presented last May.

While the scope has not changed and with budgetary constraints in mind, the selection process for most of the ANR's actions will switch for 2014 towards a two-stage system.

The first step is intended to collect pre-proposals that gather relatively summary information. The pre-proposal file, which is around 5 pages long, will be structured so that the projects can be selected according to three criteria:

  1. Scientific and technological "interest" (importance of the subject, ability to generate results, potential for advancement in the field, ambition, new features, breakthrough potential)
  2. Relevance to the orientations of the call (link with the scientific fields of major challenges, suitability with scientific priorities, etc.)
  3. Consistency of the pre-proposal in relation to the project's objectives (quality of the consortium, consistency of the level of assistance requested, etc.)

The second stage requires a second, detailed application to be made, one which is quite close to the scientific document used in 2013 in the agency's calls.

The second stage will be assessed based on three criteria that are already used in the current protocol:

  1. Scientific excellence and/or innovative character for technological research
  2. Quality of the project's construction and its feasibility with heightened analysis of the budget/objectives match
  3. Overall impact of the project

Three bodies are involved in the process. The assessment's organisation will be structured according to the challenges facing society. Transverse governance will be put in place to organise the exchange of information via a college of presidents of these bodies in particular.

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2014 Generic call for projects - Closure of stage 1: 23 October 2013

Following on from the Board of Management on 26th July which adopted the 2014 Action Plan, the ANR is launching a generic call for projects. This is the main call for projects for the 2014 financial year.

This call for projects is supported by the 2014 Action Plan, which replaces both the programming document and most of all calls for projects as they were proposed in earlier programmes. The 2014 Action Plan brings together the elements to define the major scientific and themed fields that are open in the context of this generic call, the description of the different funding instruments and the methods for assessing projects.

The generic call for projects concerns two components of the Action Plan:

  • The Major Challenges Facing Society
  • At the Frontiers of Research

The generic call for projects is open to all scientific disciplines and all types of project, from the most academic projects to applied research in the context of partnerships with business, notably very small, small and medium sized enterprises.

The generic call for projects assessment process is carried out in two stages.

The first stage is based on the online submission of a 5-page pre-proposal.

The closing date for pre-proposals is 23rd October 2013 at 1pm (Paris time)

The projects are prepared according to three documents:

The generic call for projects is also open to international collaborations. The list of countries and collaboration themes will soon be available on this page and will be updated regularly. These appendices are published on the generic call for projects page as agreements are finalised with partner agencies.

The timetable

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FUI Calls for projects

The R&D calls for projects from the Fonds Unique Interministériel (Interministerial Single Fund - FUI) target projects with an industrial scope (up to prototypes).

There are an average of 2 calls for projects a year, for projects lasting an average of 18 to 36 months and an average overall budget of €1.5M to €6M.

Eligibility criteria:

Compulsory to apply

  • convergence with Images & Réseaux's themes
  • involvement of at least two industrial companies or laboratory within the cluster's region
  • project supported by a company

Images & Réseaux's input Images & Réseaux certification must be obtained before the FUI application is made. The label is compulsory for making an application.

To find out more the clusters' website

SME calls for projects

The next SME Call for projects is being put together. We'll be able to give you more information in autumn 2013. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact the members of the project team.

Future Investment

The Future Investment programmes are calls for projects that are intended to support the digital economy, the adding of value to research, industrial sectors and SMEs. On 25th April 2013, Fleur Pellerin, the Minister delegated to the Minister of Production Improvement, responsible for Small and Medium Sized Businesses, Innovation and the Digital Economy announced the launch of new FSN calls for projects.

These relate to projects with an average duration of 18 to 60 months, with an average overall budget of €0.5M to €50M depending on the individual call for projects. Collaborative projects must have are least 2 partners, with a balance of 2 businesses and 1 public establishment.

Certification by the cluster is one of the criteria for selection.

The calls for projects that should be launched soon relate to:

  • Connected objects and embedded software (call open - closing 15/11/2013)
  • Digital simulation and high speed computing
  • big data and cloud computing
  • Digital security
  • E-education (call open - closing: 30/09/2013)

Find out more about Future Investment Programmes for the Digital Economy

Digital sector core - Embedded software and connected objects - closure 15th November 2013

The call for projects targets R&D projects run by at least two partners, with a strong innovation component and concentrated on the theme of embedded software and smart, connected objects.

The first objective is to structure critical R&D mass for generic embedded software technologies.

The second objective is to help develop companies with particularly innovative solutions, who are able to seize these new economic opportunities.

Consultation opening date: 30th May 2013 - 2.05pm (Paris time)
Consultation closing date: 15th November - 12pm (Paris time)

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Digital sector core: Cyber security - digital security - Closing 30th November 2013

Get your projects ready! The French government is launching an open call for projects on digital security in the context of future investments.

Priority has been given by the Government to the development and distribution of generic technologies, more particularly the development of R&D on "digital sector core" technologies, for which a budget of €150M has been allocated. Digital security has been identified as one of these sector cores and so a new R&D call for projects has been launched (specifications).

With this in mind, the specifications for the call for projects cover the following five technological axes:

  • Secure mobile terminals and trust applications;
  • Infrastructure protection solutions and voice/video phone systems over IP;
  • Broadband passive detection and correlation tools, investigation after incident tools;
  • SCADA system protection solutions (remote surveillance and data acquisitions);
  • Controlled security supervision solutions (SIEM).

Companies and research centres in Brittany, if you think you would like to respond to this consultation you have until 12pm on 30th November 2013 to prepare your applications. Under the auspices of BDI, a support group has been set up featuring in particular the Images & Réseaux cluster, the B-Com IRT and the MEITO and with the support of regional and government departments and DGA MI. We are at your disposal to help you develop your projects.

The specifications

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Very fast broadband France - Public initiative networks - Closing 15th April 2017

In the context of the "France Very Fast Broadband" plan, this call for projects is intended to support public initiative network projects that meet the objectives of encouraging very fast broadband networks outside private deployment areas.

Opening date 2nd May 2013 at 9.28am

Closing date 15th April 2017 at 3pm (Paris time)

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European calls for projects

Images & Réseaux can also help you with European calls for projects, such as


Eco-Innovation 2013 call for projects - Closure date 5th September 2013

The European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) published a European call for proposals for the Eco-innovation programme for 2013 (reference CIP-EIP-ECO-INNOVATION-2013).
Closing date for applications 5th September

Objectives of the call

The call is part of the initiative to promote eco-innovation, launched in 2008 and integrated into the competitiveness and innovation programme (CIP). The initiative seeks to support project, process or service innovation projects that help protect the environment, by encouraging their commercial applications.

The call's general objectives seek to:

· Promote new and integrated approaches in terms of eco-innovation
· Encourage the distribution of environmental solutions by improving their market penetration
· Increase SME's capacities for innovation

Partnership conditions

Although priority will be given to SMEs and private beneficiaries, the calls for proposals are open to all corporate bodies.
No partnerships are required but European added value must be demonstrated.

Community funding

The budget allocated to this action stands at €31 585 000 and will cover up to 50% of eligible expenses.
There is no minimum or maximum funding. Nevertheless, the average total budget of a project is around €1 600 000 (with €800 000 in community funding).

Priority will be given to projects which:
· Can extend the initiative's geographic coverage
· Have the highest environmental impact possible

Programme file

Celtic Plus Eureka - Closing date 14th October 2013

Celtic Plus supports European collaboration in the area of embedded technologies. Celtic Plus offers two closing dates for you to submit your projects (23rd April and  14th October).

The Celtic Plus projects are made up of international consortia. The existing projects have budgets between €2 and 70 M in total, over 24 to 36 months and with between 2 and over 35 partners.

Celtic-Plus is an initiative led by European industry to define, carry out and finance public and private common research projects in the area of telecommunications, new media, Internet and future applications and services geared towards a new "smart connected world" paradigm. Celtic-Plus is a EUREKA ICT cluster and belongs to the EUREKA inter-governmental network.

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7th PCRD - Internet of the Future Call for projects - Closing date 12th December 2013

In the context of the 7th PRCD, we would like to inform you of the 3rd wave of calls in the Internet of the Future Call for projects, targeting SMEs and web-entrepreneurs.

Title of the call: FP7-2013-ICT-FI

Publication date: 16/05/2013

Deadline: 10/12/2013

Indicative budget: €130M

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Call for contributions for the FI-Content 2 project

Opening of the call for proposals: 30th September 2013

Deadline: the call for proposals will close on 8th January 2014 at 5pm (Brussels time)

Project participation duration for new partners: from the start of April 2014 to the end of March 2015 (12 months)

Language for drafting proposals: English

Address for more detailed information on the call for proposals:

You may also request additional information by email:

More information about this Open call and its features in this document

The FI-CONTENT 2 project, which is being produced in the context of the seventh European Community framework programme for research, technological development and demonstration actions  (PCRDT), is announcing the opening of its call for proposals to recruit new partners. FI-CONTENT 2 is part of the European Public-Private Partnership on the Internet of the Future (FI-PPP) programme.

The FI-CONTENT 2 project's ambition is to establish the bases for a European infrastructure to promote and text new uses of audio-visual content on connected terminals. The project's partners are developing and deploying innovative platforms in three application areas: Social Connected TV, Mobile Smart City services and Pervasive Games.

The objective of the call for proposals is to recruit around five to ten new partners to enhance the platforms that are being built in the project, whether by creating new applications or by providing additional technologies which will extend the features of these platforms.

Region / technopole and other partners calls for projects

Pays de la Loire "International connect talent" Call for projects - Application date October 2013 and February 2014

 With the "Connect Talent" international call for projects launched on 15th March, the Pays de la Loire Region and the experts in its ecosystem want to detect breakthrough projects and help them to mature. Call for projects text

A wide range of areas are targeted: structure materials, civil engineering, human and social sciences, energies, biotherapies and regenerative medicine, plant biology, food, sea or digital and robotics.

From, a platform entirely dedicated to this international call for projects, each scientist, company or establishment may discover all the aspects of the ecosystem in the Pays de la Loire, talk to the experts who run it and get all the technical information they need before the declare their interest or make their application.

More information at

Sustainable city for export: Call for projects for the production of a 3D simulator - closing date: 30 October 2013

Nicole BRICQ is launching a call for projects for the production of a 3D simulator, a virtual shop window for French skill on the international stage. Urban development markets are growing significantly at an international level, with the additional potential for growth estimated at €50Bn by 2017 and €100Bn by 2022.

New towns in China, Morocco and Kuwait, eco-district projects in Turkey, urban mobility in Colombia, India or Kazakhstan... most countries are confronted with urban development issues and want to develop towns that are more energy efficient and respect the environment. In response to this worldwide demand, France has, in all sustainable town sectors - town planning, architecture, engineering, water management, waste, combat against noise, eco-design, energy efficiency urban mobility, etc. - high performance companies and many world champions. To highlight this offer on the international stage, Nicole BRICQ, the Minister for International Trade, is launched a call for projects for the production of a 3D simulator. The idea is to launch a virtual model on the scale of a district or town to enable as many French companies as possible to be referenced in all sustainable town segments and act as a shop window for French skills internationally.

The project manager responsible for this simulator must present the 3D model of a concrete project to create a sustainable town or redevelopment located in a developing country eligible for FASEP1 funding, which the ministry will provide up to a maximum of €2 million. 

The application file must be collected from the "Aide-Projet" office at the Direction Générale du Trésor and be submitted by 30th October 2013 by clicking on the following link: Submit your application

The selected project manager will be announced before the end of November 2013.

Download the announcement

Calls for structural projects for clusters

The new edition of the call for structural projects for clusters ("PSPC") has been launched and is open until March 2014. The PSPC projects must help structure industrial sectors or produce new ones.

These ambitious projects, with budgets between €5 and 50M, will strengthen the positions of French companies in promising markets and more generally the economic position of a network of companies, by boosting or building lasting collaborative relationships between industries, services and research organisations. They may cover the full spectrum from research to industrial pre-manufacture prototypes.

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