Why should you get your R&D project certified?


Do you have an R&D project and are you a member of Images & Réseaux?

Having your project certified can provide you with a wide range of advantages.

Certification: a symbol of excellence and expertise.

When you obtain Images & Réseaux technical certification, the innovative nature and feasibility of your project are recognised by a community of experts. You can then take advantage of synergies with a network of skills and become part of an innovative regional dynamic.

Certification: personalised assistance throughout the life of a project

When you contact the Cluster's Project team to have your project certified you benefit from advice to make your project a reality. A reference cluster contact will shadow you throughout the project, provide you with advice as you put your project together and may assist you through the different project monitoring steps. In addition, the certification process also enables you to benefit from advice from the technical and business experts on the Selection and Validation Committee. This Committee is made up of around forty experts representing the themes addressed by Images & Réseaux.

Certification: facilitating access to funding

Today, certification by a cluster grants access to specific funding (FUI, PSPC, AAP PME, etc.) for which certification is an eligibility condition. It provides a "mark" of credibility for public financiers as to the economic and scientific credibility of the project and their interest in investing in it.

Certification: an asset for the visibility and reputation of the project and partners

Once certified your project can take full advantage of Images & Réseaux's communication and influence tools. If you would like to, and with the full confidentiality desired by the consortium, you can take advantage of visibility at all stages in the life of your project: dedicated article on the blog, press point, participation in the annual Trophies and so on. A range of services is at your disposal. If you agree, the pole also commits to enhancing the project's results through Images & Réseaux's actions and network.

Would you like to have your project certified, contact Sarah Guy sguy@images-et-reseaux.com and consult the dedicated page