As a member of Images & Réseaux, do you have an international outlook and want to take advantage of personalised assistance with your plans? This is the objective of the European EIT ICT Labs programme.

Images & Réseaux est is a member of the European EIT ICT Labs programme. The objective shared by all the programme's partners is to make Europe the world leader in innovation in science and digital technology by bringing actors together to form the knowledge triangle: Higher education, Research, Innovation. EIT ICT Labs is organised around major geographic sites: Berlin, Eindhoven, Paris, Stockholm, Trento, Helsinki, the backbone of an international innovation network. These sites benefit from the input of power local and international ecosystems and a strong community of innovative SMEs. All of these partners together create favourable conditions for international growth for companies who desire it. 

Rennes is part of the French node, alongside Paris and Sophia - Antipolis and brings together partners such as Alcatel-Lucent, France Télécom Orange, Thales, INRIA, the Institut Mines Télécom, the University of Rennes I and Images & Réseaux.

By belonging to this programme, Images & Réseaux can provide you with a full range of tools at no extra cost to cluster members after review of your application. 

A softlanding activity
The EIT ICT Labs network provides Images & Réseaux member companies with colocation centres (CLC). As crucibles for innovation between research, innovation and entrepreneurship in the ICT sector, the offer key places for meetings between students, researchers, industrialists, entrepreneurs and everyone involved in innovation in the digital sector. This network provides you with offices, "open-spaces", meeting rooms and classrooms. These CLC are the ideal tool to provide a temporary home to people with projects which are coming to maturity and SMEs who want to study the opportunities available and provide connectivity and offer you personalised assistance with administrative activities, coordination and networking on site to help you explore a market.

In addition the Beaulieu campus in Rennes houses one of the programme's CLC under the same roof as the Istic, the IRISA and Inria, giving you the opportunity to meet people with projects and European businesses who have come to explore the opportunities for working together in western France.

A Business Development Accelerator service

The Business Development Accelerator (BDA) service provides you with a range of tools in the countries that participate in the programme. Country-specific legal services, assistance with technology transfer and intellectual property, coaching, network, strategic assistance, assistance to raise international funds and much more. A team of business developers is at your service to make your international experience a success.

In addition to the 12 innovation themes supported by the programme, Images & Réseaux offers you access to a specific EIT ICT Labs annual Call for projects, dedicated "international business" development.

An "Education" aspect
EIT ICT Labs is also working to train the professionals of tomorrow by designing specific ICT courses, with particular emphasis on doctorate students. 

Would you like to take advantage of the services offered by Images & Réseaux in the context of the EIT ICT Labs programme for your international development? Don't delay and contact Darin Beach,