Watch & Anticipation

Do you need to keep one step ahead in your market, anticipate scientific, technological or regulatory developments, identify new trends, understand new usage or identify new markets to innovate more effectively? Images & Réseaux can provide you with a range of watch and anticipation tools intended to help you learn about new digital technologies: trend, market or techno prospecting events, "lu pour vous thématiques" press review, "Zoom" prospecting newsletter and background articles on our website, backed up by current events or trend identification, ... a set of resources dedicated to Images & Réseaux members.

The main watch and prospecting service missions are to:

  • Help nourish discussion around the major themes supported by Images & Réseaux
  • Extend the influence of Images & Réseaux and its members around these major themes by participating in discussions
  • Organise events (workshops and conferences) and produce deliverables (articles, videos, white papers).

What types of event actions?

  • Go to sector events to produce articles, videos or delivery meetings.
  • Creativity / co-design workshop
  • Conferences
  • Profiles of key people - produce portraits for professionals within the network.

On the blog

"Lu pour vous", the bi-monthly themed press review that provides a summary of what's being said at any given time about a particular theme. 4K, robotics, e-education, video games, etc. You will save time and learn more about a particular subject.

News articles around new features and products, innovations, debates about digital issues and more. The blog seeks to inform you in real time about everything that's happening in the ICT field, with a focus on our own region in western France.

The "Zoom", a prospecting newsletter for the ICT field. Platforms, digital economy, innovative technologies to name just a few elements; the Zoom has its own dedicated collaborative workspace with access to appendices and additional information exclusive to Images & Réseaux members.


Images & Réseaux can now offer you 2 free "watch and prospecting" events: technoferences and Afters.
Technoferences are technology-based and are intended to develop projects. With 4 technoferences a year, these morning meetings provide an opportunity for discussion with experts on a given topic. The minutes are also available exclusively to Images & Réseaux members on the Technoference collaborative workshpace.

Afters, Images & Réseaux's think tank The idea behind them is to listen to the world to better anticipate the major changes which will shape the image and network technology of the future. For each After, a recognised figure from a discipline outside the cluster's own sectors is invited. They are asked to look into the future and think about what it might bring for their discipline: what would be the stakes, the main transformations and breakthroughs? There are three objectives for members here: to exceed short-term business forecasts; to develop strong ideas and to dialog and debate and see what else is possible. Find videos of past Afters.

As part of its phase 3, Images & Réseaux is planning to develop other tools to help you effectively in your watch and anticipation activities. Observatory, partnerships with other think tanks, and many more ideas. Tell us what you would like to have discussed along with any improvements you would like to make by sending an email to: jhary(at)