Images & Réseaux has drafted its strategic roadmap in keeping with its main market objectives and the research and development axes needed to assist its members with their development. These ambitious objectives are also rolled out thanks to a strong network in Brittany and the Pays de la Loire and beyond via industrial companies, very small, small and medium sized business and Major Groups, but also actors involved in research and training and all professionals working towards regional economic development. 

The digital society at the heart of the cluster's strategy

Within its strategic position for 2013 - 2020, Images & Réseaux is associating digital technologies with expanding or future application markets with the desire to meet the objectives of the digital society in the 21st century.

In fact, over and above Digital technologies which have been the corner stone of the cluster until now, Images & Réseaux is making convergence and integration of technologies, content, applications and services in usage a priority.

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES bring together the components that lead to the production, distribution and broadcasting of digital products and services. This covers telecommunications equipment, IT equipment and ICT.

THE DIGITAL ECONOMY brings together telecommunications services, IT services, online services and digital industries.

The DIGITAL SOCIETY covers all the activities in the daily lives of citizens, tax-payers, patients, students, teachers, transport users, customers and so on, who may use digital technologies to accomplish their corresponding tasks.

Starting from this vital point, Images & Réseaux has defined themes - key areas of excellence which must be used to support research and development projects.

Four application markets stand out

For its industrial companies, Images & Réseaux wants to maintain its members' presence in current markets, keeping one step ahead in technological terms. But the objective is also to enable them to access new markets created by technological breakthroughs and innovation, thanks to collaborative projects. Application "target core" markets have been defined and will be the backbone of a certain number of actions (watch, prospecting, events, etc.).

  • The home of the future: covering home automation, telemedecine, home help and energy and fluid management aspects,
  • The city of tomorrow: around smart districts, smart cities, smart transport, etc.
  • The training of tomorrow: e and m-learning, digital campus MOOC, usage innovations, digital education, etc.
  • The health of tomorrow: mass data technologies, home medical supervision, medical imaging, surgery techniques, etc.

To achieve this, the pole is supported by its network,  an operational team with excellent knowledge of the field and by priority areas for action around: innovation, business development, international and the HR - GPEC approach. At the same time, Images & Réseaux members have access to a watch, prospecting and promotion service thanks to a strong communication policy and recognised sector expertise. The whole Images & Réseaux community therefore has a wide range of services available.