Agenda 21

The SDPC (Sustainable Development Piloting Committee)

Didier Nicot, SME relationship manager and SD program manager

The Sustainable Development Piloting Committee implements, monitors and evaluates the Cluster's Agenda 21. The SDPC has been operating regularly since March 2010. This approach is one of the four priorities enshrined in the Images et Réseaux cluster's Performance contract; the cluster is committed to applying this contract to all of its activities, in the context of its skills and including all stakeholders.

The strategic vision in 3 key points

  • SD in the cluster and its ecosystem
  • SD at the heart of ICT
  • ICT in the service of SD in other subsidiaries

The approach

  • Use the initial diagnostic (already carried out)
  • Set achievable and measurable objectives for itself
  • Provide itself with the resources (skills, funding) adapted to its objectives
  • Partnerships: Comité 21, ADEME, EME, ESC, etc.
  • Experiment/Adjust
  • Share, build together, communicate

Further details :