The Images & Réseaux cluster is an association.

To ensure it runs smoothly it has an organization that guarantees balanced decision-making and operational efficiency. 
The Images et Réseaux cluster's legal status is that of an association, and its registered office is in Lannion, in western France. Its members are corporate entities– companies, research centres and educational establishments– in the media and networks fields. The association's statutes stipulate that there should be a balanced representation of members within the Board of Directors and the existence of two committees of experts responsible for giving opinions, and making proposals and recommendations.

Gérard Le Bihan, cluster CEO, manages a team of around twelve permanent staff. To access the list of permanent staff, click on contacts.

President :

Vincent Marcatté

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Vice-presidents :

Jean-Dominique Meunier Paul Friedel Gérard Faria
Collège 1 : Jean-Dominique Meunier (Technicolor)
Collège 2 : Paul Friedel (TELECOM Bretagne) Collège 3 : Gérard Faria (Teamcast)

The Cluster has around 230 members, divided into five colleges:

  • College 1, major companies with over 250 employees and their affiliates.
  • College 2, research organisations and higher education establishments.
  • College 3, small and medium sized businesses.
  • College 4, structures or individuals who contribute to the Cluster's objectives and who cannot belong to other colleges (associations, independent structures, festivals, municipal councils).
  • College 5, economic development structures.

The members meet at an Annual General Meeting every year. Each college is represented at the AGM according to the proportions defined in the association's statutes.

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Piloting: Board of Management and Executive Board

The Board of Management has 21 members:

  • 6 members from college 1.
  • 6 members from college 2.
  • 6 members from college 3.
  • 1 member from college 4.
  • 2 members from college 5.

The MEC and SVC coordinators, a representative of Meito and the representatives of colleges 4 and 5 have a consulting vote in the Board of Management's discussions. Both regions (Brittany and Pays de la Loire) are invited to take part in the Board of Management and are represented by Bretagne Développement Innovation and the Société Publique Régionale.

The Board of Management delegates the execution and monitoring of its decisions to the Executive Board (EB).

List of members of the Board of Management and the EB : Membres CA.pdf

The MEC (Monitoring and Evaluation Committee)

Jean-Yves Savary,  projects manager

The MEC is made up of qualified, independent people appointed by the Board of Management. It monitors the actions of the cluster and its bodies and assesses whether or not its objectives have been reached.

The MEC is involved in drafting and recommending performance indicators; it works on the cluster's information system database and completes it with surveys of members and actors in the cluster's ecosystem. 

The MEC is involved in drafting the cluster's evaluation and audit reports. 

More informations : PROJECTS.

The MAC (Monitoring and Assessment Committee)

Jean-Claude Fraval, CSE manager

The CSE is made up of personalities who are authorities in their respective disciplines. They do not have to be members of the association. They monitor the action of the Cluster and perform internal assessments of its performance.

The CSE proceeds by means of investigations which are recorded in detailed reports and then submitted to the Board of directors. These reports contain recommendations for actions or changes in orientation in order to improve the operation of the Cluster.

The Ficom (Finance committee)

The Ficom deals principally with the funding of projects and occasionally with the financing of the cluster's operations.

The Ficom is made up of:

  • Representatives of the French State.
  • Representatives of local authorities.
  • Representatives of the Images et Réseaux cluster's Board of directors and of the permanent staff.

The Ficom meets in particular to report on the financing of project applications made in response to calls for projects.

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The SOC (Strategic Orientation Committee)

The mission of the Strategic Orientation Committee is to enlighten the Board of Management on the main challenges that the Images et Réseaux community must meet and on the priorities for action.

The SOC is being established for phase 3 of the cluster. 

Confidentiality rules

All permanent staff and members of the Cluste involved in the consultation and decision-making bodies are bound by strict confidentiality rules. These rules apply in particular to the themed experts on the SCV (Selection and Validation Committee) who are responsible for examining applications. They also apply to the members of the BoM (Board of Management) who announce the certifications.