secure communications for europe

24 Juin 2014 - 25 Juin 2014
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  • Berlin

Meet important people and take part in the discussion on how to provide secure communications for Europe!
 Several State Secretaries and national representatives from Germany, France, and Finland, including several CEO and CTO from important telecommunications companies, are expected to provide their views and strategies.
 This conference will be attended by the Secretary of State of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), Secretary of State of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), French Secretary of State for the Digital Economy (tbc), as well as, several national representatives from German, French, and Finnish politics, including several CEO and CTO from important telecommunications companies, are expected to provide their views and strategies.
Scope of the conference:
Secure European Communications have become a hot topic and the possibilities how to achieve secure communications within Europe but also outside of Europe are currently investigated and researched. The conference tries to put some additional focus on technical and political aspects and will present one of the current "flagship" projects dealing with safe and secure European routing.
 In addition the conference will provide some insights in the political aspects and business strategies of the involved companies to strengthen the European Communications Security. In presentations and a panel discussion the current strategies and future requirements and aspects will be further elaborated.The conference provides an updated picture of the current status and current achievements of the 80 million research project SASER (Safe and Secure European Routing) partly publicly funded by Germany (BMBF, France (DGCIS, and Finland (TEKES).
In an included exhibition the SASER projects will present and demonstrate their latest results.
 Expected participants:
·         Politics and industry
·         Researchers from industry and  universities
·         Industry and SME working particularly on network security and safety
·         Network operators and manufacturers
·         having a particular focus on strengthening European communications security.
Programme structure:
·         24 June: 12:30 to 18:30: SASER Conference "Secure Communications in Europe". The conference fee is 130€ (excl. VAT and payment fees). A social event (barbeque) in the evening is included.
For (under-graduated) students a limited number of reduced tickets for 40€ is available.
·         25 June: 9:30 to 17:00: Celtic-Plus Proposers' Day - Presentation and discussion about new project proposals. Access on 25 June is free of charge.
 For further information about the program, location, and for registration please follow this link.
2) Celtic-Plus Proposers’ Day – Present your project idea to potential experts
Complementing Horizon2020 – Celtic-Plus as interesting alternative to successfully submit your project proposal!
Why you should participate:
The Celtic-Plus Proposers' Day is a meeting platform for presenting suitable new project ideas to a broader audience of experts, to discuss your ideas and to network with them for building a potentially strong project consortium. Presented project ideas should comply with the Celtic-Plus Purple Book research topics. The proposals should be targeted for the Celtic-Plus Autumn call 2014 (15 October 2014). Participation is free of charge (applicable only for Proposers' Day on 25 June!).
What you may expect:
- Discuss with experts about technological challenges for future projects
- Discuss with Public Authorities and Core Group companies strategies for public funding of your project
- Learn about alternative possibilities to submit a proposal in addition or in parallel to Horizon 2020 proposals
For the registration of your project idea to be presented and discussed please use our proposal registration page or check the draft program page.