Seminaire Innovation & Entrepreneuriat (EIT ICT Labs Rennes)

01 Juin 2015 - 05 Juin 2015
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  • EIT ICT Labs Colocation Center in Rennes

An ‘Opportunity Recognition’ Innovation & Entrepreneurship Seminar.

Part of the I&E curriculum provided by the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral Training Center (DTC).

Within this ‘Business Opportunity Recognition/Business Modeling’ seminar, the participants (doctoral candidates, young researchers) will be engaged in the early stage of a new venture process, namely developing a feasible business model from a product or service idea in ICT.
During this seminar, participants will get the opportunity to develop experiencebased knowledge about the initial business development process inspired by real entrepreneurs’ testimonials.
Complementary business competences required to manage a new venture will be covered including strategic management, project management, and marketing


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