Workshop 'Network Virtualization' (NetV)

01 Février 2017
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  • Locaux de Technicolor Rennes

IRISA et Technicolor organisent un workshop ‘Network Virtualization’ (NetV), qui se tiendra à Technicolor Rennes le 1er février 2017 (9:30 – 18:00). Ce workshop est gratuit, mais l’inscription préalable est obligatoire. Le programme et les modalités d’inscriptions sont donnés ci-dessous.


This Workshop is an open event bringing together experts in the area of network virtualization, to discuss various aspects of the problem, expose recent progress in the domain and identify challenges to address. A particular focus will be put on the following topics:

  • Performance (architecture, server density, function chaining, elasticity, resiliency, …)
  • Management and orchestration (distributed data center, configuration, (auto)scaling, service chaining, …)
  • Use cases for residential and small enterprise applications
  • Experimentation (Field tests , measures, test benches, ….).


List of speakers and presentations:

  • Nicola Bonelli, CNIT (National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications, Italy), Software acceleration for network applications and multi-core architectures.
  • Bruno Chatras, Orange, Progress report on NFV standardization in ETSI.
  • Marius Corici – Giuseppe Carella, Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute, Open Baton and use cases for 5G network and fog computing.
  • Stéphane Gouache & Nicolas Le Scouarnec, Technicolor, Analysis of packet processing for vCPE.
  • George Ionnadis, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), A Bandwidth-Collision Estimation Scheduler in the Cloud.
  • Giuseppe Lettieri, University of Pisa, Software packet scheduling at hardware speed.
  • Anne-Cécile Orgerie,  IRISA/CNRS, Greening the networks.
  • tbc: SDN based Internet exchange.


Attendance is free but registration is mandatory. Please visit for registration and details on the workshop location and programme.