NEM supports creative SMEs across the Horizon2020 program

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The 17th NEM General Assembly took place on April 1st in Brussels, Belgium. In accordance with Governance Model of the NEM Initiative, members of NEM Steering Board were reelected for a two-year term. Jean Dominique Meunier, The Images & Réseaux Cluster's vice-president, was re-elected chairman. Images & Reseaux will continue its active involvement in the steering board, with the participation of Gérard Le Bihan, CEO. This engagement reasserts the cluster’s strategy to promote and create European innovation. 

We are convinced that the NEM initiative  enhances the entire creative industry’s value chain with actions like the NEM SUMMIT and the satellite NEM events, by : 

  • attracting high quality stakeholders from CReAM, Music Tech Fest, ICT&ART and other organizations, networks and clusters
  • seeding and incubating ideas by supporting quality ideas from the start to grow into a working demo/performance
  • Matching potentiel partners and demonstrators with research and industry partners and providing frameworks for successful collaboration
  • Enabling funding channels
  • Providing a toolkit

With the NEM we support creative SMEs across the Horizon2020 program from seeding ideas to product deployment. 

The NEM Summit edition 2014 will be held in October in Brussels. You will find the Images & Réseaux Cluster's website all the information you need to prepare your venue. 

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