CELTIC-NEXT Proposers Day in London

Publié le 07/01/2019

Present you project ideas, find new partners and get informed about latest funding opportunities in your country at our CELTIC-NEXT Proposers Day in London.

Please have a look at the Agenda.

In London we intend to stimulate first CELTIC-NEXT projects. CELTIC projects are bottom-up and are open to all research topics as laid down in “CELTIC-NEXT Scope and Research Areas”. Here you can find the CELTIC-NEXT priorities, technological enablers such as Artificial Intelligence and verticals as for example Industry 4.0 and Mobility.

Registration will be available early January 2019.

If you send us (office@celticplus.eu) your project pitch and poster until 25th January, we will print your poster and bring it to London for your matchmaking session.

CELTIC-NEXT Proposers Days are discussion fora for organisations doing research in the telecommunication and ICT domain and that are interested to participate in a European collaborative research project through the EUREKA Cluster CELTIC-NEXT.

Call for Proposals: Submission until 8th April 2019

Please do not miss the opportunity to participate in the industry-driven European ICT and telecommunications research programme within EUREKA.

Preparing and submitting a CELTIC project proposal is easy. Just register via the CELTIC Online proposal tool, fill in the Web forms, and upload your proposal. A template for the proposal can be downloaded from our Call Information page.