Immersive Technology Bootcamp “Tourism & Travel”

Publié le 01/06/2021

How can immersive technology be used to create new opportunities for visitor experience? What types of immersive technologies are there, and how can a small business engage with them on a pragmatic level? How can an immersive technology project be managed? What are the practical examples? What is it like to host an event in the ‘virtual world’?

Join the CAST Immersive technology bootcamp to find responses to these, and many more questions. It will provide a truly interactive learning experience and the attendees will leave with practical information they can use for their business.

Programme (All times are written CEST)

10h15 – 10h30: Welcome & Introductions (CAST, Digi2Market, LMT)

10h30 – 11h10: General introduction on VR/AR/XR and Immersive Technologies, by Laval Virtual

  • Examples of sectors of application
  • Focus on the tourism sector (Innovation due to the pandemic ? )

11h10 – 11h30: 2 examples of user cases

11h30 – 12h : How to manage a VR project, by Gill Van Herzele from Enozone

12h – 12h30 : Virtual Workshop experience By Artify.

PLEASE NOTE: To participate in the virtual workshop, a software download will be required.


About CAST

CAST (Creative Accelerators for Sustainable Tourism) is a 3 year collaborative project (July 2018 – June 2021) that will develop a network of incubators & accelerators, start-ups, SMEs and financiers to form a European community committed to promoting knowledge-sharing, the use of technology and collaboration across borders for sustainable tourism, while helping the companies address common challenges. The main objective of CAST is to support the creation, business development and scaling-up of companies in the sustainable tourism sector through incubator and accelerator supports, integrating creativity with cutting-edge technology, science and other relevant expertise.

About Digi2Market

The Digi2Market Interreg NPA project aims to address various challenges that companies in peripheral areas may face, such as small size of market, distance from the market and isolation. The project involves around immersive technologies; 360 degree videos, virtual reality and augmented reality and how this technology can be used in digital marketing. Our aim is to increase the knowledge about immersive technology among SMEs.

About Laval Mayenne Technopole

Laval Mayenne Technopole (LMT) is the key actor for innovation in Mayenne (in the western part of France) and supports economic development of the territory through innovation. To promote this dynamic, LMT has implemented tailor-made programs and tools to support innovative entrepreneurship:

  • Idenergie, a startups acceleration program (,
  • Incubator UP (30 startups),
  • Neoshop, a boutique dedicated to the commercialisation of innovative products (,
  • Inovdia, territorial innovation Day (,
  • Food Factory, an international scientific symposium on food factory for the future, – Business premises,
  • Events to raise awareness on innovation,
  • International support to start-ups,
  • Softlanding program for foreign companies,
  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, etc.

Moreover in the heart of local, national and international networks, LMT facilitates the cooperation between scientific and technological skills, support companies in collaborative projects and partnership. LMT also actively manages the Laval Virtual cluster, whose main event is the International Conference on virtual technologies and uses, Laval Virtual (

About Laval Virtual

Laval Virtual is a cluster that exhibits annually at its flagship conference. Laval Virtual, is the Europe’s first VR/AR exhibition, for all those who wish to better understand immersive technologies. It’s an opportunity to meet the best VR/AR startups that conceive tomorrow’s innovations, the emerging VR/AR players and their cutting-edge solutions, and international virtual reality experts who come to share their expertise. This year, it is taking place as a hybrid event from 7th to 9th July 2021. During 3 days, all the major VR/AR players will gather at Laval Virtual. It’s a wonderful opportunity to discover and meet 300+ exhibitors of the VR/AR field. The exhibition invites renowned speakers from 50 countries to take part in the rich and visionary programme of the 4 conference cycles.

About Enozone

Enozone was created in 2008 from the merger of two entities. One specializes in interactive 3D content and the other in software development. Bespoke applications are created to precisely meet specific needs and can come in any form. We then create dedicated tools and software corresponding to client specifications. Whether it is a CAD recovery for real-time preparation, a 2D/3D application creation request, a specific configurator or simple modeling, we are competent.

About Artify

ARTIFY, an alliance of Art and Digital, was born from the meeting of two enthusiasts with complementary profiles: Simon Cau and Christophe Roux. At the start of the adventure, Christophe, a tech lover, informed Simon, a nomadic gallery owner, of an innovative project in the field of art: disseminating works outside the walls thanks to digital technology. Indeed, if music, cinema or literature have started their technological revolution, the field of visual arts is still in its infancy. The influence of new technologies on all fields, including artistic ones, is undeniable. Rather than fighting against this development, it seems more judicious and productive to them to accompany the movement of progress while respecting Art and its actors.