La 5G occupe tous les esprits au MWC2016 et a désormais son “PPP”

Publié le 24/02/2016


New research outlines how 5G can transform a broad range of vertical sectors including automotive, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing as well as media and entertainment

At the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, the European Commission and the 5G Infrastructure Association have launched today the 5G Public-Private Partnership whitepaper entitled “5G Empowering Vertical Industries”, which outlines how 5G network infrastructures will enable the digitalization of society and economy, leading to the fourth industrial revolution, especially in the automotive, transportation, healthcare, energy, manufacturing as well as media and entertainment sectors.

Following the statement made by Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger: “Making 5G a reality in Europe by 2020 will be essential for the success of key vertical sectors like automotive, health and digital manufacturing”, the white paper depicts innovative use cases from the most important vertical sectors and how the resulting requirements shape the 5G system design.

The main conclusions drawn in the white paper are (

  • 5G will transform networks into intelligent orchestration platforms and pave the way for new business models and value propositions by cementing strong relationships between vendors, operators and verticals.
  • 5G will also integrate seamlessly different enabling technologies (e.g. mobile, fixed, satellite and optical).
  • Deploying 5G for vertical markets in Europe by 2020 should be a key objective.
  • Latency (below 5ms), reliability (5 nines and beyond), density (up to 100 devices/m2), and peak terminal data rates are among the most important performance targets 5G needs to achieve, along with tight constraints on territorial and population coverage.
  • Requirements derived from use-cases for vertical markets should be considered with high priority and covered in the early phases of the 5G standardisation process.
  • Vertical use cases should be duly considered when identifying spectrum priorities.

At a press conference , Mr. Günther H. Oettinger, European Commissioner, Digital Economy and Society, and executives from Ericsson, ERTICO- ITS Europe, Huawei, Nokia, Orange, SES, Telenor shared their views on the impact of 5G on the digital society and economy, as well as requirements from vertical industries, business models, architectures, and standardisation aspects of 5G