1st 6G-XR Open Call – Platform and Network Enablers

Jusqu'au 27/11/2023

The purpose of the open call is to address identified gaps in the 6G-XR infrastructures and target the development and extension of the four research infrastructures to make them ready for advanced experimentation in upcoming project open calls for experimentation (for more information on the infrastructures offered, please see the Open Call Information Document). In particular, the project is looking for networking and computing enablers, XR enablers, RAN enablers and Sustainability enablers.


Open Call  Project duration Max funding (€) No of projects Total funding (€)
6G-XR-OC1 6 months 60.000 8   480.000 €

For the implementation of the third party project, a total lump sum of the awarded amount will be paid upon the completion of the project. No advance payments will be made. Budget categories that are accepted include: Personnel costs; Travel costs; Overhead (indirect) costs – 25% of total direct costs.

The payment of the total amount will be made once the project activities have been performed completely, the deliverables and final report have been reviewed and accepted by the 6G-XR project and a final decision on the approval of the third party project and deliverables has been issued.


  • The proposal is submitted by a legal entity established and based in one of the EU Member States or a Horizon Europe Associated country. The targeted organisations in this Call are:
    1. SMEs;
    2. Industry;
    3. Research/scientific organisation;
    4. Academia.
  • The proposal is submitted by a single party. The submission of proposals by consortia is not eligible.
  • The proposal complies with the type of activity qualified for financial support:
    1. Personnel costs for development of software and equipment;
    2. Travel costs;
    3. Overhead costs (25% of the direct costs).
  • The proposal is submitted in English.
  • The proposal is submitted through the official Open Call Submission Tool on the 6G-XR website providing all the required documents (completed proposal template and declaration of honour).
  • The proposal has been submitted within the deadline. Late proposals will not be admitted.
  • The proposal complies with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) regarding all personal data that might be included in the proposal.

More informations here ; https://www.6g-xr.eu/open-calls/oc1