Jusqu'au 23/04/2018

Celtic-Plus Call for Proposals: Submission until 23rd April 2018

Please do not miss the opportunity to participate in the industry-driven European ICT and telecommunications research programme within EUREKA.
Preparing and submitting a Celtic-Plus project proposal is easy. Just register via the Celtic-Plus Online proposal tool, fill in the Web forms, and upload your proposal. A template for the proposal can be downloaded from our Call Information page (new template).
New 2018:
To speed up the time to running projects, the Celtic Plus Core Group decided that:
• The project participants from each country’s sub consortium elect a main contact person who will participate in coordination meetings with the Celtic Office.
• Also new is that the Celtic label will automatically expire after 10 months if the progress of funding negotiations with the public authorities is insufficient.
• In those countries where an open call allows to submit the national application any time this application should be submitted not later than 3 month after the Celtic label has been granted.
All EUREKA member countries and associated countries can support Celtic-Plus projects. More information on public funding per country can be found on the Celtic-Plus National Contacts Website. Please talk to your designated national contact person before and in the proposal submission process.
• You are free to define your project proposal according to your own research interests and priorities.
• Your proposal is not bound by any call texts, as long as it is within the ICT/telecommunications area.
• Celtic-Plus projects are close to the market and have a track record of fast exploitation results after the end of the project.
• High-quality proposals have an excellent chance of receiving funding, with an average success rate of 60 %.
• Already end of May the evaluation results of your proposal will be communicated to you.

• Here you can find the Call Flyer for this Call: https://www.celticplus.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/celtic-plus-call-april-2018.pdf