Jusqu'au 28/02/2019

The FLAME project announces its 2nd Open Call! The Open Call was officially announced 14 November 2018 at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona and opens on 5 December 2018. The application process will close at the end of February 2019.

This call solicits for 3rd party projects to create and explore edge experiences considering consumer’s desire for personalised, localised and interactive media content delivered through current and emerging human-computer interfaces used in outside spaces or between outside and inside spaces.

There will be a Webinar to outline the 2nd Open Call on 12 December.

A feasibility check is required before submission. This feasibility check will be carried out by the FLAME members responsible for the FLAME facilities. As a result of this, an additional concise section is added to the proposal (Section F of the Proposal Template) and is provided in collaboration with the FLAME project consortium members.

Total budget for Open Call 2: 740 000 €
Maximum budget per Experiment: 130 000 € per Replicators (FLAME-OC2-REP) and 70 000 € per SME trials (FLAME-OC2-SME)
Expected number of 3rd party projects to be funded: 8 (3 for the category Replicators and 5 for the category SME).
Guaranteed support: 64 000 € (An extra budget of typically € 8000 per 3rd party project will be allocated to the FLAME consortium partner acting as Mentor for guaranteed support)


Proposers must be eligible for funding in H2020 projects and be established in a EU Member State or in an Associated Country.
Proposals will only be accepted from a single party.
A proposer can only be selected for funding for one proposal, even if the proposer submitted multiple proposals that are ranked high enough to be selected for funding. In the latter case, the proposer may be given the opportunity to choose the one to be retained for funding.
For the 3rd party projects in the category ‘SME trials’, only proposals from small, medium SMEs according to the definition used by the EC (for 3rd party projects in the category ‘Innovation by SME’)
are eligible.
For 3rd party projects in the category of “Replicators”, proposals from European secondary and higher education establishments, research institutes and other not-for-profit research organisations or companies from the private sector acting as enablers for innovative new Future Media Internet technologies are eligible.
To avoid conflicts of interest, applications will not be accepted from persons or organisations who are partners in the FLAME consortium or who are formally linked in any way to partners of the consortium. All applicants will be required to declare that they know of no such potential conflicts of interest that should prevent them from applying.
A proposer for the “SME trials” must select a single infrastructure (either Barcelona or Bristol) to conduct its 3rd party project. This infrastructure will act as “mentor”, providing support to the experimenter.
A proposer for the “Replicators” must provide (or have access to) infrastructure with at least two tiers of OpenStack managed (Ocata upwards) compute resources, interconnected via SDN-based switching with support for OpenFlow1.3 upwards and wireless connectivity such as WLAN. This should be properly justified through the proposals description.
A proposal for the “Replicators” must have a coverage on a location that is sufficient for the deployment of the Replicator from the user perspective, in any European country.
For the SMEs trials at least 2 3rd party projects in each city (Barcelona and Bristol) will be funded.


Language in which the proposal must be submitted: English
Proposals must follow the provided template (see Section 7 Open Call info document and Appendix A to the same document)
Proposals (draft as well as final proposals) must be submitted through the online submission form at the bottom of this page