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ReconCell Objectives
The ReconCell project aims at designing and implementing a new kind of autonomous robot workcell, which will be attractive not only for large production lines but also for few-of- a-kind production, which often takes place in SMEs. The ReconCell project proposes to develop a flexible robotic workcell that will allow very short, self-adaptable and affordable changeovers under the conditions demanded and based on end-user needs. This will be achieved with the minimum use of additional resources over the system’s lifetime.

Call Details
ReconCell project invites applications to the Open Call for robot assembly experiments in a reconfigurable workcell. All organisations that meet EU criteria for participation in H2020 projects are eligible to submit. Priority will be given to the experiments driven by the requirements of manufacturing SMEs. Active participation of manufacturing SMEs is encouraged. The timeframe for each experiment will be 3-6 months, with a budget of up to 85.000 Euro allocated for supporting the participation in each experiment.
An ideal experiment should match the following criteria:

Several variants of a product needs to be assembled in a reconfigurable workcell
All components of the product need to be rigid
Assembly should make use of components and current set-up of ReconCell
Assembly sequence for each variant of the product should not involve more than 5 parts
Should not replicate existing experiments

The main evaluation criteria will be the quality of experiment specification, its fit to the ReconCell technologies, and the potential industrial impact for manufacturing SMEs.

Submission Details

Call opens: November 30th 2017
Submission deadline: All submissions must be made by 17:00 Brussels local time, March 1st, 2018
Electronic submission: Proposal submission is exclusively in electronic form using the proposal submission tool accessible via the ReconCell Open Call submission platform