Jusqu'au 28/02/2018

During the TETRAMAX project run time (Sep 2017 – Aug 2021), there will be different open calls offering you the opportunity to contribute to the TETRAMAX technology transfer experiments (TTX) with significant funding opportunities.

Bilateral TTX calls
One academic (or SME) partner (publicly funded, university or research institution) based in an EU country or associated country transfers a particular novel HW or SW technology in the domain of Customized Low- Energy Computing (CLEC) for cyber-physical systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to a receiving industry partner (privately funded, preferably an SME or mid-cap) from a different EU country. The receiving partner adopts and deploys this technology to enable improved products or processes (e.g. by gains concerning product cost, performance, or power consumption). Thereby, the technology receiver will achieve innovation and measureable impact, e.g. in terms of increased revenue or newly created jobs.