COMMISSION EUROPEENNE H2020 EUROPE The Human Exposome Project: a toolbox for assessing and addressing the impact of environment on health 2019

Jusqu'au 16/04/2019

Specific Challenge:

Despite the general acknowledgement by the scientific community that ‘Genetics load the gun but environment pulls the trigger'[1] when it comes to the causation of major non-communicable diseases (NCDs)[2], there is persistent uncertainty as to the global burden of disease attributable to environmental (including life-style and climatic) factors, including healthcare costs and negative economic impact. Deciphering the human exposome[3] is a novel way of addressing the challenge to improve health and reduce the overall burden of disease. This will require improved knowledge of health risks, including combinations of several risk factors, and the mechanisms by which they affect health at different stages throughout the life course, including exposures in foetal life. Effective preventive action will need to be designed, building on knowledge of various risk factors, including exposure to pollutants in daily life, individual behaviour and the social context, taking into account gender issues.

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