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Jusqu'au 31/07/2019

Starting June 1st, the EIT Digital Master School launches its business cases collection campaign for the university year 2019-2020. This campaign will close on July 31st.

The collected business cases will be addressed by the EIT Digital Master School students – skilled in Digital technologies and with operational competences in innovation and entrepreneurship – during their 2nd year innovation and entrepreneurship course.

This education-industry cooperation, builds upon last years’ experience and good results: more than 90% of the companies answered to our last satisfaction questionnaire that they would like to propose cases again this year.

In a nutshell:

  • Fresh perspectives to tackle your business challenge
  • Robust methodology and university supervision, access to talents
  • It is 100% ‘business analysis’ (no technological work from students)
  • 3-5 students’ group-project, in total around 300 hours of students’ work time
  • Off Site: the project is done at universities premises (NOT at the company’s)
  • Case-providers do NOT have to be collocated in same Node than universities
  • The same company can submit more than one case.

Key dates:

  • Deadline to propose your case: July 31st 2019.
  • Universities will get back to the case-providers between late August and October.
  • Projects will run either from September to December or from November to March.

How to propose a case:

  1. Fill-in the attached case application form and submit it to the following e-mail address: studentscasesproposals@eitdigital.eu.
  2. You will be contacted by the I&E Study course teacher prior to the course start (depending on the University the course starts between September and November) to start planning the activities.

For further questions, please contact: studentscasesproposals@eitdigital.eu.

Documents Attached:
– Fact-sheet (.pdf)
– Application form (Word doc)

Lidia ZERROUKI, CLC Manager Paris
EIT Digital France