Jusqu'au 04/04/2024

Following the first third-party call in 2023, the Community Programme once again calls for third-party contributions.

In this call, the consortium asks for ideas for new search and discovery applications, content analysis methods, search paradigms, data products or extend the platform in relevant ways.

Fundings can be granted over a period of 12 months with up to 100,000 Euros.

Call topic: Applications of an Open Web Index aims at building and piloting a foundation for commercially exploitable applications based on a European Open Web Index. Call #2 hence particularly addresses proposals for applications of the Open Web Index. project will provide access to both, pre-processed and indexed data in the Terabyte range and deliver continuous, daily updates until the end of the project. Successful applicants should use and exploit the data provided in innovative applications scenarios or research topics. consortium asks for technical, algorithmic and software contributions, focused on developing potential components and applications of the pilot open search infrastructure, including machine learning or AI models.

Successful applications will technically define and develop new search and discovery applications, content analysis methods, search paradigms, data products or extend the platform in relevant ways.

We address innovators and business that (i) either build search verticals on top of our pilot infrastructure thus demonstrating its applicability, or (ii) extend the pilot infrastructure to relevant areas, like new content analysis methods, or (iii) develop interesting data products on top of the Open Web Index. Results must be made available as Open Source and/or Open Data, with documentations or experimental work published in as Open Access.

Topics could belong to the following areas, but are not limited to

  • Innovative vertical search applications (e.g. Kids search, mobile search, science search, argument search);
  • Retrieval augmented generation, conversational search and search based on Large Language models;
  • Geo-location based search and hybrid search (i.e. search settings that combine specialised data and web data);
  • New search scenarios like personal search, human-centric search, corporate search, hybrid search, privacy aware search;
  • Approaches for transparent and privacy aware searching;
  • New search paradigms, search interactions and search user interfaces;
  • Evaluation or simulation of search systems;
  • Standards for Open Search;
  • Efficient pre-processing and indexing methods like vector embeddings, content quality estimates;
  • Web Analytics at different scale.
Target Audience

The calls target especially smaller companies (i.e., SMEs, start-ups), individual innovators, individual researchers or research teams (e.g., doctoral or post-doctoral researchers) from renowned universities.

The eligible applicants for this opportunity are either :
  • Individuals who are citizens or residents of any EU Member State or any of the countries associated with Horizon Europe; or
  • Organizations that are registered in any EU Member State or any of the countries associated with Horizon Europe.

Please note that the list of associated countries may change over time, and it is recommended to check the latest list of eligible countries before applying.

The third-party calls particularly focus on the following categories of applicants:
  • Academic researchers and research groups in universities or research centres or R&D focused organisations;
  • Renowned experts, individuals and scholars or associations;
  • High-tech start-ups, SMEs, or industry with a focus on Web technology or software development
  • Outstanding individual open-source innovators / researchers and experienced individual developers / researchers;
  • Other multidisciplinary actors.

Applications can also involve teams of different organisations or teams of natural persons. In case of team applications (i.e., multiple natural persons without an organisational entities or multiple organisational entities), one team member must take the role of main contact point and legally responsible party.

Submission procedure

The applicants have to submit their appropriately formatted proposal by email to the call management by the given deadline. Please use the proposal template for applications. Applicants can submit at most one application per call. English is the main language for communication with the consortium, and all submitted documents must be written in English.

The submission will be acknowledged by the call management, and, only after the confirmation, the proposal can be considered as being submitted. It is advised not to wait till the last moment with the submission. Note that multiple submissions of the same project are not accepted.

If the submission is not confirmed within max. 2 days, and provided the call deadline has not yet passed, you may contact the Grantor at to request the information and ask for re-submission