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Multi-purpose physical-cyber agri-forest drones ecosystem for governance and environmental observation

Scope of the project

SPADE is a project funded by the European Union within the Horizon Europe programme, with 21 partners from 10 European countries.

This project started on September 2022 and will last 4 years. It is coordinated by the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) in Greece.

The strategic objective of SPADE project is to develop an intelligent ecosystem to address the multiple purposes concept in the light of deploying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs alias drones) to promote sustainable digital services for the benefit of a large scope of end users in sectors of crop production, forestry, and livestock. This includes individual UAV usability, UAV type applicability (e.g., swarm, collaborative, autonomous, tethered), UAV governance models availability and UAV-generated data trustworthiness. Multi-purposes will be further determined in the sensing dataspace reusability based on trained Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) models. These models will enable sustainability and resilience of the overall life cycle of developing, setting up, offering, providing, testing, validating, refining as well as enhancing digital transformations and “innovation building” services in agriculture. Pilot prototypes will contribute toward greater goals, such as the reduction of deforestation, precision farming and animal welfare.

3 Pilots Prototypes, one per domain (i.e., forestry, cropping and livestock farming), deploying 9 Test Cases combined with 2 Open Calls for up to 12 complementary small projects will contribute toward the goals of sustainable forestry and farming.

Specific objectives

  • Learning and engaging others in learning about the various impacts and risks of drones as multi-purpose vehicles on the “Farm-to-fork” ecosystems
  • Develop cost-effective drones and sensors for multipurpose applications
  • Develop an open-source, open-access ecosystem which allows the collection, processing and distribution of data from and to multiple stakeholders
  • Pilot deployment of the SPADE ecosystem in 3 pilots and further applications through an open call for optimally integrating its components and optimizing its use
  • Making the innovation known, used, socially robust and anchored for long term in agriculture and forestry

The first Open Call for the SPADE project is being held. We are searching for six creative projects in the agriculture, forestry and livestock. 

The primary goal of the call, which has a 360,000 EUR total budget with a 60,000 EUR maximum per recipient, is to identify and fund six of the most ambitious and promising projects that will enhance the capabilities of drone technology and innovation use.  Only initiatives pertaining to the three case studies of SPADE are eligible for consideration.

In order to better serve our purpose of advancing efficient and sustainable agricultural practices through the use of drone technology, SPADE aims to identify and fund one project for each challenge.

Please check all the information above and proceed to the application. For any further details regarding the Open Call you may reach us by e-mail on